Business Areas

Orifarm is the group name that covers all our activities. Orifarm is involved in two business areas:

  • Orifarm is the name of our parallel imports business
  • Orifarm Generics is the name of our generics business

Through these two business areas, our aim is to create competition and thus great savings for both societies and consumers by providing high quality pharmaceuticals at low cost.

Parallel Import

Parallel import is the process of importing original pharmaceuticals marketed in EU countries, and then selling them in a different market within the EU at a lower price. This is possible due to the fact that the manufacturers of original pharmaceuticals sell their products at different prices within the EU given the individual market conditions in each country. This means that the same pharmaceutical can have different prices in every country it is sold. However, the price is the only thing that is different. Parallel imported pharmaceuticals are 100% identical to the original - even if the products are repacked and sold under a different name.

This means that consumers benefit from original pharmaceuticals at reasonable prices in more EU countries.

Orifarm is the largest supplier of parallel imported pharmaceuticals in the EU. Parallel import of pharmaceuticals is acknowledged and approved by European and national authorities who are responsible for the quality and safety of pharmaceuticals. Parallel imported pharmaceuticals need to be re-labeled or re-packed for the market in which they are going to be sold. Every pharmaceutical either gets a new packaging or a label in the selling market's language. In addition, all patient information leaflets are written in the language of the specific country.

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When a new pharmaceutical is developed, the pharmaceutical company applies for a patent and thereby receives the exclusive rights to sell the product for a number of years. When the patent expires, generic manufacturers have the option of marketing an identical product – the so-called generic pharmaceutical – and thereby create competition and thus great savings for both societies and consumers by providing high quality medicine at low cost.

Generic pharmaceuticals contain the same active ingredients as the pharmaceuticals from the originator. They are subject to the same strict regulations and high quality standards as the original products. Therefore, generic products have the exact same effect for the consumer as the pharmaceuticals from the originator.
Generic products carry a different name than the equivalent original product, but the effect will always be the same.

Companies that produce generic pharmaceuticals do not have the same expenses for research and development as the innovator company. They can therefore offer the generic products at a lower price. On average, generic products are 77% cheaper than original products.

Orifarm Generics has agreements with several manufacturers of pharmaceuticals and through this cooperation we market and sell a wide variety of generic products on the Nordic markets. This is the case both with prescription and over-the-counter (OTC) pharmaceuticals. We have developed a very strong generic OTC platform marketed as "Yellow by Orifarm". Our ambition is to always have an attractive, high quality and diversified product portfolio in order to meet market demands. 
In 2016 Orifarm Generics merged with Alternova into one company, retaining the name Orifarm Generics. All activities in Alternova and Pilum Pharma became part of Orifarm Generics. Products are still marketed under the original brands of Alternova, DLF and Pilum Pharma.

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