Orifarm Generics has acquired Alternova, Viminco and Pilum Pharma

Orifarm Generics, subsidiary company of Orifarm Group, has acquired Growth House Holding including the companies Alternova, Viminco and Pilum Pharma, which develop, manufacture and sell generic pharmaceutical products in the Nordic countries. By acquiring the Growth House companies, which in total employ around 100 people, Orifarm Generics has taken an important strategical step on the road to accelerating an exciting growth journey.

The acquisition of the Growth House companies demonstrates Orifarm Group’s ambition to grow in the Nordic market for generic pharmaceutical products. It is two successful pharmaceutical companies that now merge and both parties are looking forward to the cooperation.

Viminco, which is part of Growth House, has their own production and laboratory, which Orifarm Generics has not had until now and thus, the acquisition increases the company’s capabilities.

"All in all this is a good match that will complement and strengthen our business, where we prospectively will focus heavily on in-house development of pharmaceutical products. In the second half of 2014 we launched our first own developed product, which immediately became a success and another was launched in May this year. This acquisition will boost our continued development within this field and we are confident for the years to come, where we expect to further expand our business", says Ulrik Rasmussen, CEO Orifarm Generics.

Recently, Orifarm Group presented their financial statement demonstrating solid growth, especially within sales of generic pharmaceuticals. The acquisition thus marks an important step in the efforts to fulfilling the ambitions to strengthen the group's generics business.

"Our product portfolios complement each other very well and Growth House has an exciting pipeline that we will now get access to. We have great expectations that this new unit will consolidate our position as an important player in the Nordic market for generic pharmaceuticals", Ulrik Rasmussen continues.

Growth House has gone through a very exciting development over the past years and they have been looking for new investors to help achieve the continued growth ambitions of the company.

"We already have a close and appreciated working relationship as we have been producing one of Orifarm’s products. We therefore see it as the right decision to sell to Orifarm and we are confident that the success we have had until now, will continue on new hands", says Rolf Eckersberg, CEO Viminco.
Orifarm Group with headquarters in Odense employs around 1,000 people.

Further information, please contact:

CEO Orifarm Generics A/S Ulrik Ernst Rasmussen: +45 22 65 01 91

Facts about Orifarm 

Orifarm Group is Europe’s largest parallel importer of pharmaceuticals and the largest supplier of pharmaceutical products in Denmark. The group includes a number of companies specialized in import, manufacturing, re-packing, distribution, registration and sales of pharmaceutical products in Nordic, Germany, Holland, The Czech Republic and Switzerland. The Group’s main activities are parallel import of pharmaceutical products from EU/EEA-countries, which are sold in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Holland and Germany. Furthermore the Group specializes in sales of generic pharmaceutical products in the Nordics. Generic pharmaceutical products contain the same active ingredient as an original product. The active ingredient, however, is no longer patented and may therefore be produced and sold to a lower price than the similar original product.

Facts about Growth House 

Growth House includes the companies Alternova, Pilum Pharma and Vimenco. It is a pharmaceutical company that develops, manufactures and sells its own generic pharmaceutical products in the Nordic countries. Vimenco is located in Skælskør and owns development-, laboratory- and production facilities. They employ 80 people. Alternova and Pilum Pharma represent the market related part of the company with offices in Nyborg and a total of 20 people.