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Orifarm is an ambitious and progressive player in the healthcare business. Our ambition is to supply high quality and affordable pharmaceuticals and healthcare products. Together with our customers, and due to highly skilled employees, we have managed to do well during the years.

Today, Orifarm is the largest supplier of parallel imported pharmaceuticals in Europe as well as a fast expanding supplier of generic products in this region.  Read more.

The journey continues

For 25 years, Orifarm has been on a journey of growth, and the journey continues. For many years, parallel import of pharmaceuticals has been the principle part of our business. However, with the assets included in the acquisition from Takeda Pharmaceutical Company, we further expand our business within branded prescription and over-the-counter (OTC) pharmaceuticals, and enter into new categories such as vitamins, minerals, and food supplements (VMS). We also expand our business to new exciting markets and  become one of the largest producers of OTC products in the Nordic countries.

The acquisition from Takeda Pharmaceutical Company is a real game changer to us as a company and to our employees. However, it also makes a huge difference for many of our customers and partners, as we are now looking forward to be able to supply a much broader product portfolio within pharmaceuticals, OTC and VMS products to our customers, partners, and eventually the end users."

Erik Sandberg, CEO, Orifarm Group

A game-changing acquisition

In April 2020, Orifarm signed and announced the biggest acquisition in the history of the company. With the acquisition from Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited, we add more than 100 pharmaceuticals, OTC and VMS products to our product portfolio in Europe. Among these are well-known brands like Pamol, Kodimagnyl, Zymelin, Nycoplus, Apovit, and Amol.

Orifarm has also acquired two additional production facilities in Hobro, Denmark, and Łyszkowice, Poland. In April 2021, approximately 600 employees transitioned to Orifarm at the closing of the transaction. Read more.

Business as usual apply

Integrating this game-changing acquisition naturally implies a lot of changes at our end, but for our existing customers, business as usual still applies. The order process and contact person remain the same until further notice, and new customers are welcomed with information on how to proceed our cooperation.


We have put together some commonly asked questions to give you more information about The New Orifarm Healthcare.

Why this acquisition?

The acquisition from Takeda is the largest in the company’s history and a very important milestone. This milestone represents an achievement of a long-term objective for the owner family: To build a well-balanced, robust company that will thrive and grow, despite difficult market conditions and fluctuations.

Orifarm now has a complementary and hence well-balanced business portfolio of parallel-imported and healthcare pharmaceuticals as well as over-the-counter products. Furthermore, adding two new manufacturing sites, Orifarm grows into a more traditional manufacturing pharmaceutical company with a much larger control of the value chain.

We used to be a trading company – what are we now?

We remain being a trading company - and much more than that. The acquisition from Takeda complements and adds to our business. It does not diminish our parallel import business in any way. Orifarm grows into a much more traditional manufacturing pharmaceutical company, but the parallel import business has always been very important to us, and it remains very important in the future. We expect that the Trade business can expand even further in the years to come.

How does this affect the PI business set-up?

Even though the acquisition primarily is a significant reinforcement of our Healthcare business, the parallel import business set-up will be affected as well, as we aim to compile Orifarm’s activities on as few addresses as possible. Obviously, it will affect the way we are organized, but also in terms of marketing, when some existing Trade sales countries are provided with a Healthcare portfolio. Being able to provide a well-balanced product portfolio, Orifarm is expected to become a much more attractive business partner for many of our customers and suppliers.  

What does the acquisition mean to our GE business?

The acquisition is a major boost to our GE business as many new products and significant manufacturing capacity are added to the former set-up. Some of the products are well-known brands. Many new colleagues are joining as well.

Orifarm acquires two new manufacturing sites, what does that mean to Viminco?

The acquisition of the new manufacturing sites and products will strengthen the flexibility in our own production, in which Viminco plays an important part – also in the future.

We will review the product portfolio after the integration to safeguard optimal synergy in terms of where products are manufactured, the security of supply, and the production quantity. The acquired product portfolio also includes a number of licensed products, where Viminco today has a manufacturing permission, but also non-pharma products which will fit Viminco’s current manufacturing set-up and competences. 

What about our daily working life – will we see lots of changes?

The acquisition is a major milestone – and it will imply many changes to Orifarm as a company. However, many things remain the same and many of us can continue our daily working life as is. Some of us will welcome new colleagues, some will not. Some of us will see changes in our daily work going forward, many of us will not. Business as usual has proven to be very efficient and valuable. Consequently, most of us will continue solving the same tasks in the same way as we have done so far.

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If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us here.

We look forward to presenting our expanded product portfolio and continuing this exciting journey together with you.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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