Orifarm appoints new Chief People Officer

Andreas Friis joins Danish pharmaceutical company Orifarm as Chief People Officer. Having previously held positions in Novo Nordisk for 11 years, Andreas Friis joins Orifarm with experience from the industry, including from pharmaceutical manufacturing at the benefit of Orifarm, who in addition to its support and sales functions also comprise three manufacturing sites globally.

The appointment of Andreas Friis comes at a time when Orifarm following a large acquisition of more than 100 new brands from pharmaceutical company Takeda, and consequently onboarded more than 900 new employees, now looking to develop the people area further to support the overall further development of the company.

“In Orifarm we see our people as our most valuable asset. That is why it has been important to find the right fit, searching for a person who can support Orifarm’s growth journey and assist in developing our organization further. I am very pleased to welcome Andreas Friis to Orifarm. With Andreas, we welcome a highly skilled HR leader, who not only has vast experience from various areas within HR, but who also comes with experience from our industry,” says Erik Sandberg, CEO of Orifarm.

A task Andreas Friis looks forward to undertaking:

“I look very much forward to joining Orifarm, and to assisting in developing the business further. I believe in keeping things simple and dynamic, and I find Orifarm’s founders’ mindset of entrepreneurship and maneuverability as a good point of departure in doing so,” says Andreas Friis.

Andreas Friis has his first day at Orifarm on 01 December 2023. He recently held a position as Responsible for People & Organization in the large Danish food company Danish Crown.