Privacy & Cookie Policy

Guidelines for privacy policy

Orifarm is a company that deals with pharmaceuticals, both generics and parallel imports. We respect your privacy and will inform you below about how we use the data collected, as well as your rights of access.
By visiting our website you agree to the privacy and cookie policy. We reserve the right to change the guidelines.

Personal data

Orifarm is aware of the importance of privacy of our users. Orifarm does not collect, sell or pass on personal data to other people or non-affiliated companies.

Subject to change

Orifarm reserves the right at any time to change this privacy statement in compliance with the legal requirements.

Cookies policy

Cookies are data files, which are sent from the web servers to the web browsers, where they are also stored. Every time a browser requests a page from the server, information is sent back to the server.
Session cookies are saved on the user’s computer in order to recognize the device. These will remain until deleted, or until they expire.
Through the use of cookies, it is possible to generate statistics of user habits. Cookies may store information such as user preferences.

Use of cookies uses cookies to monitor traffic, to optimize the site’s content and for marketing purposes. All information collected is fully anonymised and Orifarm does not share cookies with any third party. 

Removal of cookies

You can easily delete cookies under ‘Preferences’ in any browser used. Some browsers also offer the option to block cookies, but this can have a negative impact upon the usability of our website.

Google analytics uses Google Analytics, a web analytics service provided by Google Inc. This is done to gain better insight in user behavior, when users are browsing the site.
Information gathered covers number of visitors, country location etc., and this enables us to improve our website to make it more user friendly based on these statistics.

For more information, please visit Google Analytics for general information about Google Analytics security and privacy principles.