About Us

The Orifarm Group is a progressive European player in the healthcare business. Our vision is to be no. 1 in making healthcare a better deal! Our two business areas, parallel imported pharmaceuticals and generics, provide large savings for society and consumers. Additionally, it is important for Orifarm to add value to our partners' businesses and to do things in a smarter way by REthinking. 

The Explorer Spirit

Orifarm was founded in Denmark in 1994 by Birgitte and Hans Bøgh-Sørensen.

They started out with an entrepreneurial mission which was later re-named the ‘explorer spirit’. This concept describes a company culture in which we are always looking for new ways to develop and improve, with respect for both quality and the individuals in our company.

The results speak for themselves: Today, Orifarm Group is the largest supplier of parallel imported pharmaceuticals in Europe and we have a strong presence on the Nordic generic markets. We have become an international company and we operate in Denmark, Czech Republic, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Finland, The Netherlands, Austria and UK. The entire group now employs close to 1200 people and we continue to add new employees to support us in our growth.

Mission & Vision

Orifarm is build on solid values and a clear vision and mission. Our values as well as our vision and mission constitute the foundation of our company. In order to understand who Orifarm is and where we are going, one must understand this foundation. It was developed by our own employees and guide us in everything we do.

ORIFARM'S MISSION: We challenge the market and make affordable healthcare available
ORIFARM'S VISION: We want to be no. 1 in making healthcare a better deal

We challenge everything we face to the benefit of the end user. Every end user within the pharmaceutical market deserves a better deal. Through our two business areas, parallel imported pharmaceuticals and generics, we create competition and provide large savings for both - society and consumers.    

Our Core Values



We enjoy our success when we reach an objective together. We then aim to achieve more and keep raising the bar.



Changes drive us – we steer our course and find our way around obstacles – never losing sight of our goal.



We act responsibly and with care towards each other and our environment. We work with utmost dedication, persistence and are committed to constantly improving.



The customer is the center of our attention. We make high-quality pharmaceuticals accessible for everyone at better prices providing more value for the individual as well as society.

Financial Results

To Orifarm Group, achieving one goal means setting new ones. 

We have a history of increasing turnover and our ambition is to keep raising the bar.

Our latest annual report from 2020 can be found here.