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    Where do I find information concerning my pharmaceuticals?

    You can easily find information about your pharmaceuticals by clicking on the links below:

    • Denmark: produktresume.dk or indl√¶gsseddel.dk
    • Norway: legemiddelverket.no
    • Sweden: lakemedelsverket.se or fass.se
    • Finland: fimea.fi
    • Germany: bfarm.de or ema.europa.eu
    • Netherlands: cbg-meb.nl

    Can I buy pharmaceuticals directly from Orifarm?

    No. As a consumer, you can't buy pharmaceuticals or Over-the-Counter medicine directly from Orifarm. Please go to your local pharmacy for purchase.

    Can I receive individual medical advice from Orifarm?

    No. Orifarm does not advise on medical use. Please seek counsel from your doctor about individual medical treatment.

    How do I know if there's money to save on my medicine?

    Your doctor or pharmacy can help you find out if the medicine you need is available as a generic or parallel imported product, which are often available at a more affordable cost.

    What are generic pharmaceuticals?

    Generic pharmaceuticals are copies of products from the original manufacturer. This means that the generic product contains the same active substances as the original product and therefore has the same effect.

    There can be some differences in excipients, taste, color, etc. When the patent on an original pharmaceutical product expires after 20 years, other manufacturers can produce and market a copy. The copy has to be approved by the national authorities on the same terms as the original product, meaning that the drugs must meet the same standard of quality.

    What is parallel imported pharmaceuticals?

    Parallel imported pharmaceuticals are the original manufacturer's products, which are then repackaged by Orifarm. The products are bought in other EU countries, where they are cheaper and can, in turn, be sold for less than the original products. Orifarm is authorized as a parallel importer by the local authorities, and all parallel imported products are likewise approved by the local authorities.