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    We engage to act

    Access to affordable healthcare is in our DNA and company mission. We work to ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for as many as possible. It also drives us when it comes to sustainability. Our commitment to the UN Global Compact since 2018 makes the UN Sustainable Development Goal #3 “Good health and well-being” our top strategic priority. 

    Today we are witnessing a climate emergency that scientists have warned us about for decades. Action has been too little and too slow. It is time for change. 

    As a customer, consumer, or other stakeholder you can expect us to engage in acting on impacts on the environment and humans.

    This is the start to our sustainable transformation. We know that more is needed to meet the expectations that science has demonstrated, and politicians have agreed to. This is the early beginning of change for Orifarm.

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    Our impact on the environment

    In 2022, we committed to the Science-Based Target Initiative, which helps us set ambitious emissions reduction targets that are aligned with the Paris Agreement, and we are now preparing our baseline with our short-term and long-term targets.

    Investing in climate-smart solutions

    With offices Europe-wide and several production and packaging facilities, installing climate-smart solutions has a large impact in the countries where we operate. That is why we are investing in climate-smart solutions at our large sites in Odense, Denmark, and Łyszkowice, Poland, where we have installed solar panels on the rooftops of our offices and production facilities.

    Providing a better choice

    We are proud to have 18 Orifarm brands be part of the Swedish pharmacies’ Välvald selection. Välvald means well-chosen, and only healthcare brands that have been carefully assessed for their sustainability impact are selected. The criteria include audited sustainability reporting, conducting risk analyses, and meeting documented demands for supply chain transparency regarding responsible manufacturing, human rights, and environmental handling. 

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    Our impact on humans 

    We recognize our responsibility to respect human rights and understand the importance of disclosing the necessary steps we take to live up to our human rights obligations.

    As part of our human rights efforts, we have worked with BSR, a global sustainable business network and consultancy, to conduct a corporate human rights assessment. The purpose of the assessment was to better understand human rights risks and impacts across Orifarm’s value chain, including our own operations and business relationships.

    This assessment provides a human rights risk profile, including salient human rights risks, management systems to address the identified risks, and actionable recommendations. It also serves to elevate our overall human rights awareness. We are now equipped to build upon current management systems and develop new practices to prevent and mitigate human rights risks.

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    Reporting on our progress

    In our ESG and Future-Fit reporting, you can learn more about how we work with sustainability, our governance and policies, and our sustainability strategy. 

    You can also find our policies here:

    Or go to:

    Based on the Orifarm CSR policy and our commitment to the UN Global Compact, Orifarm has implemented due diligence to secure ESG-linked risks in the supply chain and provide mitigating actions accordingly. Orifarm has introduced a Supply Chain Risk Assessment methodology to enhance our supplier management setup. The new methodology assesses both products and the supply chain, addressing ESG risks and opportunities, including environmental and human rights risks.

    Furthermore, if risk assessments show potential high ESG risks in the supply chain, we activate our mitigating procedure according to the Methodology of Securing and Mitigating Risks in the Supply Chain. Our risk mitigation is well underway with a robust implementation of our Supplier Code of Conduct alignment with industry expectations through our membership in the Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Initiative (PSCI).

    A solid and integrated due diligence process is fundamental for mapping and taking further action on risks such as violating human rights within our supply chain. If you have questions regarding ESG due diligence or other inquiries about ESG risks, you can address them to us via email CSR@orifarm.com.

    Find our ESG reports and Future-Fit targets here