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Business Area: Parallel Import

Parallel Import

Based on the free movement of goods and services within the EU, we import original pharmaceuticals marketed in EU countries, repack and relabel these, and resell the products on different markets at more affordable prices for the end-users and societies.

Business Area: Generics

Generic Medicines

When a patent for a brand-name perscription drug expires, we market affordable alternatives containing the same active ingredients making the needed treatments accessible to more patients and societies.

Business Area: Consumer Healthcare

Consumer Healthcare

To enable our customers to take care of their well-being, we supply a variety of food supplementary products such as vitamins, minerals, fish oil, and probiotics. This category of products is regulated outside the pharma regulation.

Business Area: Over-the-Counter


We sell Over-the-Counter products directly to end-users without a prescription. These include products used to alleviate common health issues such as pain and fever, allergies, and colds.

Business Area: Promotional Rx

Promotional Rx

By promoting prescription medicines, we aim to enlighten patients, prescribers, and pharmacies that treatment is available. Promotional Rx products are prescription pharmaceuticals only. Therapeutic areas include insomnia, hypothyroidism, and much more.

Business Area: Unlicensed Medicine

Unlicensed Medicine

Sometimes, the needed treatment isn't available with a traditional marketing authorization in the patient's country. To support these patients, we deliver treatment through special authorization from local authorities. This is known as Unlicensed Medicine.

Business Area: Clinical Trial Supplies

Clinical Trial Supplies

Clinical trials are essential for developing healthcare treatments. We contribute to the development by sourcing pharmaceuticals used as comparators and co-medications in clinical trials.


High-quality Parallel Imports

Parallel import of medicine refers to import of original pharmaceuticals from one EU country to repack, relabel, and resell in another EU country, offering the exact same product at a more affordable price.

Parallel import means more affordable prices for consumers, as the medicine is often sold at a more affordable price compared to the domestically sourced alternative. This makes essential pharmaceuticals both more accessible and affordable for consumers, while also reducing the expense for the public healthcare systems.

Parallel imported medicine is the exact same as the original, but in a new package with patient information leaflets in your local language.


Generic Medicines: High quality, low cost

Generic medicines, also known as Generics, are affordable and accessible alternatives to brand-name perscription drugs, offering patients the needed treatment at much lower cost without compromising on quality or safety.

When a patent for an original prescription pharmaceutical expires, we have the opportunity of marketing generic variants of the original brand-name product that hold the same Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient. 

Generics have the same Active Ingredients as the original medicine, live up to the same standards for quality and safety, promotes affordability and availability, and make interchangeability easier for the healthcare professionals prescribing medicines.

All generic products undergo strict testing and adhere to the same quality and safety requirements set by the health authorities as the original manufacturer. 


Consumer Healthcare

Consumer Healthcare are products aimed at supporting and maintaining personal well-being, including dietary supplements, vitamins, minerals, fish oil, and probiotics. 

Offering solutions for common illnesses and preventive care, Consumer Healthcare products empower consumers to take an active role in managing their health and taking informed choices to support their safe-care. 

Orifarm's Consumer Healthcare portfolio is available in several European countries.

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Over-the-Counter (OTC)

Over-the-Counter medicines are products easily available in pharmacies and retail stores to end-consumers without a doctor's prescription. With a large Over-the-counter selection, we provide individuals with quick and affordable solutions to treat common health concerns.

Our Over-the-counter product offering includes pain and fever relief, nasal congestion relief, products for bone health, and multipurpose herbal tonics.

All Consumer Healthcare products are regulated by the national health authorities to ensure that they are always safe and effective to use without help from healthcare professionals. 

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Promotional Rx

Promotional Rx involves advertising of prescription medicines through information campaigns aiming to enlighten patients, prescribers, and pharmacies about prescription pharmaceuticals and their benefits and intended use. 

Educating healthcare professionals about treatments available are part of fulfilling our overall company purpose of creating healthy days for as many as possible.

Promotional Rx products are prescription pharmaceuticals only. Therapeutic areas covered include insomnia, hypothyroidism, anti-coagulations, and much more.


Unlicensed Medicine

The need for treatment is not always linked to pharmaceuticals already available with a traditional marketing authorization in the patient's country. To support patients in need, we use our strong and extensive experience of trading medicines to deliver pharmaceuticals through special authorization from local authorities. This is known as Unlicensed Medicine.


As the largest parallel import player in the EU, we have unparalleled access to suppliers and markets, allowing us to source the treatments needed when they are needed the most; fast, safe, and reliable.


We source from highly trusted sources, and that's why our partners have trusted our deliveries for almost 30 years.

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Comparators for clinical trials made simple

Clinical trials are essential for developing healthcare treatments. We contribute to the development by sourcing pharmaceuticals used as comparators and co-medications in clinical trials.


Using our position as one of Europe’s largest traders in pharmaceutical products, we are able to shift the procurement dynamics from the standard transactional approach to a data- and market-intelligence-driven supply chain, making sourcing more reliable for the companies performing clinical trials as part of developing new treatments.


At Orifarm Clinical Trial Supplies (CTS), we recognize that the best supply chains are the ones that no-one talks about.


We take pride in our transparent and reliable services that keep clinical trial supplies off the critical path and out of the spotlight.


We’ll take care of your sourcing requirements so that study teams can remain focused on patient recruitment and bring life changing treatments to market.

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High-quality pharmaceuticals at affordable prices

The Orifarm Group is a dynamic international player in the healthcare sector. Every day, we work to make high-quality medicines available at affordable prices to as many consumers as possible.

We provide a wide range of high-quality medicines for various therapeutic areas and stages of illness throughout the patient journey - from prevention and relief to treatment and follow-up.

All products are manufactured in accordance with the quality and safety regulations established by health authorities.

Find Orifarm products in your local pharmacy

Orifarm is the largest producer of over-the-counter medicines in Denmark. We are also a leading player in generic medicines in the Nordic region and the largest parallel importer of medicines in the EU. In other words, we play a significant role in the pharmaceutical industry.

We have well-known brands such as Nycoplus, Dekadin-duo, Ibumetin, and Zymelin. In 2023, we also introduced mbrace™, a series of dietary supplements specially designed for women in menopause. mbrace™ is the first global brand developed by Orifarm.

Information for health personnel

Here you can order and download information related to some of our medicines.

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