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    Information for health personnel

    This page is for health personnel only. Here you can order and download information related to some of our medicines, including Levaxin, Marevan og Calcigran Forte. To order brochures please send an email to infonorge@orifarm.com and include the following information:

    • Brochure of interest (INR-kort, Marevan pakningsvedlegg, K-vitamin-hefte, Kontrollkort for thyroideasykdom, Gode kilder til kalsium og D-vitamin)
    • Number of brochures
    • Name of institution (for example name of the doctor's office or hospital unit name)
    • Contact person
    • Postal address
    • Other comments

    We ship orders once weekly with the exception of holidays, so please expect some delivery time.

    Download information related to some of our medicines:
    Orifarm CVI Image (2) Orifarm CVI Image (2)