Our Business

At Orifarm we make affordable pharmaceuticals available to end users across multiple markets in cooperation with our direct customers. Our primary direct customers are pharmacies, hospitals, and wholesalers. 

Our Contribution

Watch our Group CEO, Erik Sandberg, talk about the contribution of Orifarm to the customers, end users, and to the societies. 

Business Activities

Our main activities are within seven businesses as we supply over the counter (OTC) products, consumer healthcare products, generics as well as promotional Rx products. Additionally, we supply unlicensed medicines and we do parallel import of original brands, generics, and medical devises. Furthermore, we handle comparator sourcing for clinical trials.

You can read more about our seven businesses below.    

Over the Counter (OTC)
OTC products can be sold direct to end users without a prescription. They are regulated by Health Authorities to ensure that they contain pharmaceutical ingredients that are safe and effective to use without advice from a physician. Examples are pharmaceuticals for pain and fever relief, nasal congestion relief, products for bone health and multipurpose herbal tonics.

Consumer Healthcare
These products are mainly dietary supplements used for supplementing – not replacing – the daily diet. Examples are vitamins, minerals, fish oil, and probiotics.

When a patent for an original pharmaceutical expires, generic manufacturers have the opportunity of marketing a similar pharmaceutical containing the same Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) and being liable to the same strict quality and safety requirements as the original. Our products are manufactured at our own production facilities in Denmark (Skælskør and Hobro) and in Poland (Łyszkowice) as well as by trusted contract manufacturers around the world. Examples are a wide range of high quality pharmaceuticals across several therapeutic areas e.g. pain, insomnia, constipation, and colds.

Promotional Rx
Our portfolio of Promotional Rx products are - as implied by the name - prescription pharmaceuticals only. The pharmaceuticals are characterized by a uniqueness, which make them relevant for patients, prescribers, payers, pharmacies, and/or authorities. Therapeutic areas covered are e.g. insomnia, hypothyroidism, anti-coagulation, etc.

Unlicensed Medicines
Unlicensed Medicines are found within any therapy group and are normally supplied to hospitals, wholesalers, and pharmacies as many other pharmaceuticals. However, contrary to most pharmaceuticals, these pharmaceuticals do not hold a marketing authorization. As patients in different markets still have a need for the pharmaceuticals, Unlicensed Medicines are supplied via a special authorization from the local authorities.

Parallel Import
Based on the free movement of goods and services within the EU, traditional parallel import is the process of importing original pharmaceuticals marketed in the EU countries, repacking/relabeling and reselling the products in different markets to more affordable prices for the end users and the societies. Our parallel import product portfolio includes pharmaceuticals from nearly all therapy groups e.g. pharmaceuticals against diseases such as cancer, rheumatism, sclerosis, psoriasis, and HIV.

Orifarm Clinical Trial Supplies (CTS)
At Orifarm CTS, we recognise that the best supply chains are the ones that no-one talks about. We take pride in our transparent and reliable services that keep clinical trial supplies off the critical path and out of the spotlight.
We’ll take care of your comparator and co-medication sourcing requirements so that study teams can remain focused on patient recruitment and bring life changing treatments to market. Click here to learn more.

Additionally, Orifarm focuses heavily on new business opportunities and synergistic M&A to increase our offerings of high quality affordable healthcare products even further and expand our business. New business activities constitute an important part of our highly ambitious business strategy towards 2025.

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