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Our UK office is based in Hemel Hempstead, just northwest London, houses our business including Commercial, Operational, Quality and local Business Partners driving the sales through the Retail sector, Private & NHS Hospital sector and developing Business Areas

Orifarm UK Limited 
Breakspear Park, 
Hemel Hempstead

Phone: +44 1923 204333
E-mail: HX_Radhvevrf@bevsnez.pbz


Meet the UK team

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Managing Director Orifarm UK
Andrew Stafford


Customer Engagement Manager
Carolyn Gahgan


Head of UK Commercial
John Vaughan

Operations Manager
Matt Legge


Head of Finance, Finance UK & US
Dipen Joshi


Head of Quality
Gowthami Gandhamala

Where To Find Us

Orifarm is the group name that covers all our activities. Orifarm is involved in two business areas:

  • Orifarm is the name of our parallel imports business
  • Orifarm Generics is the name of our generics business

To support these business areas we also have Orifarm Supply, which is the name of our packaging facility in Czech Republic and Orifarm Manufacturing Viminco, a subsidiary production company in Skælskør.
Orifarm's headquarters are located in Odense, Denmark. We have offices handling registration, sales and administration in Denmark, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Austria, The United Kingdom and The Netherlands. Click on the map below to find country specific information.

The entire Orifarm group employs close to 2200 people.

Orifarm Denmark
Energivej 15, POB 69, 5260 Odense S

Orifarm Czech Republic
Palouky 1366, 253 01 Hostivice

Orifarm Germany
Fixheider Str. 4, 51381 Leverkusen

Orifarm Sweden
Ingmar Bergmans Gata 2, 114 34 Stockholm

Orifarm Norway
Sandakerveien 138, 0484 Oslo

Orifarm Finland
Metsänneidonkuja 12, 02130 Espoo

Orifarm Netherlands
J.S. de Jongplein 5, 4001 WG Tiel

Orifarm UK
Breakspear Park, Hemel Hempstead, HP2 4TZ

Orifarm Austria
Friedrich-Schiller-Straße 94/2, 2340 Mödling

Contact Persons Group

CEO Orifarm Group

CEO Orifarm Group A/S 

Erik Sandberg



Corporate Finance

Chief Financial Officer, Corporate Finance & IT

Jacob Berg Lucassen



Corporate HR

Interim Chief Human Resource Officer, Corporate HR

Torsten Laen




Corporate Parallel Import

Chief Commercial Officer, Commercial Parallel Import

Thomas Brandhof



Corporate Generics

Chief Commercial Officer, Commercial Generics

Dennis Dencher