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Neuigkeiten von Orifarm & vom Arzneimittelimport-Markt

Was gibt es Neues bei Orifarm? Was passiert im Importmarkt für Arzneimittel? Welche Trends sind zu beobachten? 

Hier erfahren Sie alles über die neuesten Ereignisse und die wesentlichsten Entwicklungen bei Orifarm und im Importmarkt für Arzneimittel.

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Orifarm Group A/S with new record-breaking result

The Odense based pharmaceutical company Orifarm is presenting a new record-breaking annual report with the highest turnover and earnings in the company’s 25-year history.

In 2019, the turnover of the Orifarm Group reached MEUR 982. An 18% increase compared to the record-breaking year 2018. Profit before tax in 2019 reached MEUR 45.4 corresponding to a rise of 30% compared to the previous record from the financial year 2018.

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Orifarm presents best result ever

For Orifarm, 2018 was a fantastic year. In fact, the best in the company's nearly 25-year history. Every day, the employees work hard to challenge the pharmaceutical market to provide cheaper pharmaceuticals to millions of consumers in Europe. And the employees do it well. In 2018, Orifarm Group sold more than 25 million products - or approx. 7% more products than in 2017, and this has resulted in record turnover and earnings.



Record-breaking result from Orifarm Group

Orifarm Group manages to provide cheaper pharmaceuticals to millions of consumers in Europe while earning money to invest in future activities. Despite fierce competition, Orifarm closes its fiscal year 2017 with an annual result showing 10 percent growth in net turnover and the second best earnings in the history of the company.


Progress continues at Orifarm

Orifarm Group continues its progress of recent years. The annual result shows growth in both top and bottom line, and this trend is partly due to successful acquisitions and significant growth in the sales of generic pharmaceuticals.


Orifarm Generics has acquired Alternova, Viminco and Pilum Pharma

Orifarm Generics, subsidiary company of Orifarm Group, has acquired Growth House Holding including the companies Alternova, Viminco and Pilum Pharma, which develop, manufacture and sell generic pharmaceutical products in the Nordic countries. By acquiring the Growth House companies, which in total employ around 100 people, Orifarm Generics has taken an important strategical step on the road to accelerating an exciting growth journey.


Annual Report 2014: Progress continues for Orifarm

Denmark's biggest supplier of pharmaceuticals, Orifarm Group, continues its positive development. The annual results for 2014 shows an increase in revenue and an improved operating result, not least due to a significant improvement in the business area of generic medications.


Change of ERP systems by 1st March: Pharma Westen is now Orifarm

From 1st March 2014 Pharma Westen operates under the name of Orifarm GmbH. As part of the renaming, the ERP-systems were changed. Pharmaceuticals can now be ordered under the new name Orifarm (abbreviation: ORI).


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