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Orifarm is a successful international working place with high ambitions and strong values. An important contribution to our success is our curiosity and our will to try new things - a driving force that continues to bring our business forward.

In Orifarm, we believe that people make the difference. We recognize our employees as our most vital resource in making the company successful. Therefore, we are working to create a motivating working environment capable of attracting, managing and retaining the right people.

The entire Orifarm group employs around 1200 people and we are continuously looking for new colleagues to support us in our growth. If you are searching for career opportunities within Orifarm, please have a look at our open positions.

Working at Orifarm

As an employee in Orifarm you are not only part of a dynamic, international and growing organisation. You are also part of a company that cares about you.

We believe that strong motivation is the key to ensure the future development of our company and achievement of our vision. Therefore, it is important to us that personal ambitions and common goals go hand in hand. We place great emphasis on both your professional and your personal development and on giving you the opportunity to bring all of your skills into play.

We strive to create a pleasant working environment for all and we encourage an open and honest culture where feedback and dialogue are key elements in the daily work. We also offer social activities for you and your family.

Open Positions

Would you like to become our new colleague? Below is our current list of job openings. If you do not find an open position that matches your skills and interests, you are welcome to send your unsolicited job application and CV. You can also keep an eye on our exciting career opportunities by signing up for our job agent.


Compensation & Benefits Manager

Talent Acquisition Specialist

SAP Domæne Specialist

Group Financial Analyst & Forecasting

Group International Financial Business Partner

VP Financial Planning & Partnering

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